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Ok... I have a pc with two DVI outputs, running into two HDMI splitters which in turn run in to two projectors and two tvs. This gives me two TVs as a spanned display, and the two projectors showing the same (this is at work, im not a millionaire :( )

The problem: When I turn everything on, it all works fine. If I turn just the projectors on, they work fine. However, If I turn on both tv's but not the projectors, only one shows up with the desktop. The other remains blank until I switch the projectors on, then it flicks on.... and it stays on when I turn the projectors off again.

The problem here is obviously something to do with the PC recognising each device... somehow the projector is getting priority. I've tried every possible combination of cables into each socket, always the same results. My first plan would be to exchange the splitters for ones with inbuilt switching, to ensure no conflicts between devices. I don't know if those exist though, no luck so far.

Any other ideas?
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  1. Why are the DVIs being split to HDMI?
    The don't carry any audio with them..... so what is the point?
    I cannot understand how you get 2 Spanned displays and 2 showing the same thing..... it's getting a little difficult to imagine.....
    How did you manage such a config?
    you can either have 2 clones on a pair of spanned outputs or you can have all 4 cloned.....
    I still can't see a setup like that in my mind....
    What Video Card (GPU) are you using...... from you combination it looks to be an Nvidia...... Anyways what's the make and model of your card....
    What's the make and models of the TVs and the Projectors....
    And how many feet of HDMI cable are you using with each out.....
  2. We have to split into HDMI because the cables are hard-wired into the building.

    Its a Geforce Quadro 3700.. running into two Epson TW3500s, and two JVC 48" TVs. Two DVI outputs running into two HDMI splitters; so we have the spanned desktop across both TVs and the same showing on the projectors.

    The HDMI cables run up to about 10 meters... but they're all fitted with signal boosters.
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