Gaming build questions on i72600k and GPU GTX 570/580

I am looking to build a gaming computer NLT Apr/May, and have some questions about the CPU, GPU, Monitor selections along with any other recommendations anyone may have. I am currently deployed to Afghan so my responses may take some time. Thanks in advance for your help!


Asus Maximus IV MB
8GB Corsair Dominator 1866RAM
120GB Corsair force gaming MLC SSD
3TB media drive
Dual SLI 570/580 single monitor? EVGA?
Scepter X270 27 inch 1900x1200 HD monitor #2/3? Or 1x higher res monitor looking for recommendations
Azza hurricane case
360mm liquid cooled CPU/GPU
Overclock CPU, GPU, MB ?
1200 Corsair PSU
2100 killer network card?

I am looking for advice on the CPU selection as well as GPU dual/tri w or w/o physx setup with monitor recommendations. I am not clear on the benefit of 580 over 570 for gaming purposes and not sure what is the proper monitor number and selection for the respective number of GPU. Any ideas would be helpful as this is my first build. thanks for the help!
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    Hmm.. Well, that system is going to blow away anything you throw at it for a while, but won't be cheap. I would honestly be inclined to spend less in some areas just to avoid wasting money. Save it and upgrade in the future. Or if you want to spend the cash now, I'd say cut back in some areas and get a larger SSD and/or better/larger monitor(s). A 256 GB SSD should be able to hold windows and all your programs, so you don't have to decide which ones you want to be fast. And the benefit of better displays is obvious.

    Areas where you could save:
    PSU - you don't need a 1200W psu for any kind of normal system. Even with everything you've spec'ed, 850W should be plenty, and 1000W will be more than enough. I'd probably get this, but the 850TX is fine too if you don't care about a bit more fan noise and lack of modular cables.

    Motherboard - Any reason you're getting the Maximus? Unless you need any specific features on it, I'd go for the P8P56 Pro.

    RAM - Yes 1866 is great, but you won't notice much if any real-life difference from 1600 or even 1333. I would even be inclined to get 16GB of 1333 instead if you really want to spend the money, since then at least you'll get a difference with extreme multitasking. 8GB should be plenty though.

    Drive - Do 3TB drives even exist yet? I don't have any recommendations here, but a 2TB drive or two should do you.

    NIC - From the reviews I've read, the Killer NIC only really helps if you have latency problems with your internet already. If you have a decent internet connection with good latency already, it's very unlikely you'll notice a difference to justify the price.

    Finally the CPU. I'm fine with the choice, but be aware that the 2600K costs 50% more than the 2500K for maybe a 20% increase in performance, depending on your application. That may or may not be worth it to you. Both are capable of similar OCs.

    To answer your question about graphics cards monitors, two 570s or 580s will allow you to run up to four monitors I believe. A single Radeon 6970 or 6950 will run up to six. Of course, if you want to game with them at high resolutions, you may need more power. How much more would depend on the specifics, and I wouldn't know exactly what to suggest. I will say that unless you are gaming on multiple high-res monitors, the 580 is probably overkill. The 570 or Radeon 6950 are the better bang for the buck.
  2. Chnathan,

    First off thank you for the input. I have considered slightly larger SSD and will probably go that route, I think not more than 180GB Corsair though.

    You are most likely closer to the mark with your 1000w PSU, the 1200 is def overkill for those specs. Don't know what i was thinking.

    I'll take a look at that p8P56.

    I have read some good things about the 8GB 1866 RAM is 16GB 1600 really a better choice?

    Yes I have found a couple3TBs but a 2TB HD would definitely suffice.

    I have gone back and forth with the 2500k and 2600k and i haven't made up my mind on which will deliver the greater gaming experience. I would like some more opinions and will continue to look at the specs.

    Right, now i am thinking the dual GTX 570 EVGA GPU with 3 1900x1200 monitors , potentially 23' Asus 3D 236H or scepter 27' X270. I cannot make up my mind if 3D is Really that cool for gaming and media or if i should save the few hundred and stick with Larger HD monitors.

    Thanks for the advice!
  3. Sorry, P8P56 Pro was a typo - I meant P8P67 Pro.

    As for RAM, take a look at this article:,1807.html (Just skip to the conclusion if you want.) You can search for others that will generally tell you the same thing. It applies even more today than then since you don't need extra RAM speed to overclock on Sandy Bridge. Honestly, the money is better spent elsewhere. (I would go for 1333, not 1600 or 1866.)

    The main difference between the 2500K and 2600K is hyperthreading on the 2600, which won't help at all for gaming. So if that's your main concern, you're likely to get very similar performance. (When you look at comparison articles, make sure to check performance comparisons done in games, not with CPU benchmarking tools.) The 2600K will be somewhat faster due to its larger cache and slightly faster clock speed. (Although with an overclock they'll reach about the same clock speed.) Plus, most games will be GPU limited anyway, so you will likely not notice any difference at all in games.

    All that said, I won't say "Don't get the 2600k", because I don't know your financial situation. :) Maybe the extra $100 is worth it to you for a small bump in performance. If I were you though I'd put it toward the SSD or displays.
  4. Unless your doing any memory intensive work... 8G of memory will be more than enough. 16G of Memory will be mostly idle Not use.

    Memory speed don't make a big difference in the final performance. Historically 2% to 5% max. If the difference is big you can opt for lower clock speed if not go for it.

    For gaming the biggest impact is GPU so you can divert the money on it.
  5. Thanks Leon an chnathan,

    I'm am fairly certain ill stick with the 2600k. I am leaning towards dual 570 EVGA GPUs but i still cannot decide on the monitors. Are those 27 inch HD scepters worthy of the GPUs in a three monitor setup or is the 23 inch 3D Asus really that much cooler? I have a Max of about $4,500 to play with for the whole deal, rig, monitors, keyboard, mouse, beer cozy and ashtray :)
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