Need a cheap HDMI out video card

Hey all,

Have an older desktop I want to re-use to connect to my TV. It has an Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe mobo. So I have to use an Nvidia, PCI-E x16 video card right?

If the above is correct, this was the only card I was able to find on newegg:

Is this my best bet?

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  1. You can also try the 9500GT. But i think it costs more.
  2. you should be able to use and pci express card in there as they are backwards compatable. so pci-e 1.1, 2.0 or 2.1 should all work in your board. thatshould open some better options for ya :D
  3. Ok cool, didn't realize that goofy.

    I mean, I'm only looking to hook this up to my TV for videos and such, no gaming at all. So with that said, obviously I want something that will run well (1920 x 1200 I believe?). Any recommendations from anyone? $50 is about an ideal budget for something like this.

  4. Here is a GT 210 DDR2 card that is $40 with free shipping and with MIR is $15. It's a newer card the the 9xxx series, or 8xxx. and may work better in a HTPC. I believe that is what this is actually geared toward. I believe it also passes audio through the HDMI where as the 9xxx series you need a cable that connects it to an audio source.
  5. that card woudl certainly fill his build. i am usually against passive cooling but if either the box has good ventilation or its only gonna be used for video playback/ web browsing and not gaming then i think it'd be fine. if your case has a side case fan though ignore this cause then you're fine
  6. You can only use Nvidia cards with this mobo?

    Here's a Geforce 8400GS

    Here's a Geforce 210

    I think the Geforce 210 is your best bet.Free Shipping and it has an HDMI 1.3a port which i believe is for blu-ray.All the feedback on that card gets 5 stars,all agree it's a terrific card for watching movies.
  7. Thanks guys, those seem perfect with two final questions to confirm:

    - I can use this on my mobo which is PCI-E x16
    - It does pass audio as well as video

    If so, that EVGA seems like a winner to me.
  8. You're going to be better off with a GT220 or 9500GT as the 8400GS struggles with 1080 HD playback and the GT210 is about the same spec wise.
  9. ^+1 yeah I'll also suggest the GT 220 coz G 210 is a entry level card and with 16 processors you won't be able to njoy ur htpc to the fullest, while with GT 220 for less thn 50 USD u'll hav 48 cuda processors, enough to swiftly run movies,videos with post-processing turned on to give much better picture quality.This card also has the latest video processor(VP4/VP5) embedded on it.
  10. Yes it does pass audio with video,HDMI is meant to carry both.Just be careful witch cable you select to use,some don't deliever what they say they do.

    5550 for 50 bucks after 15 dollar rebate would do everythig he needs plus have better cooling than passive
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