Weird graphics corruption on DX10 - HD4850

I have a really weird bug in my setup - Core2 E7300 on MSI Neo3 (P45 chipset) with 4Gb and ATi HD 4850 GFX running Win7 32 or 64bit.

Whenever I run anything using DirectX 10 /10.1 I get strange "perspective" line coming off anything animated, and drawn towards a vanishing point.

This screenshot was taken from one of Unigine's demos, but the same thing happens in Civilization 5 if I run in DX10 mode. Under DX9, everything is fine. I have tried a few DX10 game demos and graphics demos with the same result.

I have tried installing the latest graphics drivers, even reinstalling Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit) a couple of times to see if a "naked" install would help but nothing seems to cure it. I have tried Googling for the problem but I don't think I'm using the right words to describe the issue!

Can anybody help?! :??:
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  1. Asking you to reinstall Direct X 10 seems pointless considering you've actually reinstalled Windows (meaning everything was done from scratch). This would lead me to believe there could be a problem with your video card. Knowing that you have this problem in Unigine, and in Civ 5, also suggests a possible hardware or driver issue since you're not only seeing it in once place. In other words, it's not a bug within Unigine itself.

    Is your video card OverClocked at all? If so, reset it to default clock settings and see if that changes anything.

    Otherwise, I'd say either replace the video card or keep playing in DX9 mode so long as it works. :) It doesn't hurt though to make sure you have the latest DX version installed though. Just in case.
  2. If it was happening all the time I'd say it was most likely a video RAM problem:

    But with everything OK under DX 9 I'd follow the advice given by Jerrence: Update DX and reset the card to stock clocks if it is overclocked.
    BTW, DirectX does not autoupdate with Windows, you must go through the Microsoft website to download and install the latest versions.
  3. I don't suppose it's a power supply problem? My PSU is pretty old but it's always been ok - it's rated at 600w. These are the results after running the DirectX demo:

    The artifact lines appear from the get go, so although the GPU gets up to around 75 degrees, I'm not sure that's the problem.
  4. The voltage drop on your 12v is a bit low, but you will proably see the same drop in dx9 or 10. It is more like a gfx card fault or driver problem in your case. Try different drivers.
  5. All your temps look good. Voltages all seem right (12v could be better, but that could be normal for your PSU depending on its quality).

    Still though, voltage draw should be no different whether you run DX9 or DX10. Although DX10 mode could stress the card more, potentially, in some circumstances. But running Unigine will stress anything, that's what it was meant to do.

    Go to and search for the latest DirectX 10 redistributable and download and install it. Then try things again.
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