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Aritc Silver 5 on 6850??

Hi is it a good idea to put Artic silver 5 or anyotrher kind of thermal paste on a GPU?? also is there any tutorial or video showing how to put thermal paste on GPU like a 6850 or similar card?

OOOOh the most important thing! by how much my temps will go down??

i expect at least 7ºC for risking to put AS5 on a GPU i know in CPU is easy but in the GPU i will have to take off the HS and remove screwss and bla bla bla
so is there a good temperature drop using AS5 on a gpu enough to risk it by opening it up?? i am asking this because i really cant find any temperature chart on the 6850 but i`ve read it is very noissy so noise=HOOT! so i think AS5 migth help with the noise - :whistle:
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  1. first important note on taking off the fan of your gfx card and replacing thermal paste... it WILL void your warrenty

    that said yes good thermal compound will help with the cooling of your card, but really depends on the manafacturer some use good thermal compound from the get go. some use the cheapest stuff they can get
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    I saw a post a few days ago on this site where someone did this exact thing on a 5850 or 5870. He saw drop in temps, I believe for him it was about 5C. Another posted that he didn't have any change.

    Keep in mind. Load temps will be control by the fan speed. If the AS5 does help, you may not notice any load temp changes at all, but instead, the fan speed will drop instead.
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  4. thank yo for the fast anwser !! i will go for it i will apply it in 5 minutes i am going to radio shack to get it!
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