Need help decideing what the problem most likely is and what is best

ok i have a 9850 phenom b3 stepping 95 watt verison for a few months i thought it would be fine with my motherboard which supports a diffrent verison of the 9850 phenom my question is does the stepping of it make that much of a differnce im able to play most games but what happens in a hour in or so sometimes mintues in it will crash and my dual core 2.6 works fine.. is it for sure the motherboard since its not compat with this verison of the cpu and should i get a new motherboard and hope it was that or get a phenom 920 that i know works with this board

New motherboard that supports it and some alot of better around 50-60 dollars
phenom 920:99 dollars
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  1. Welcome it could be temp related have you monitored them?
    Post all your specs inclusive of PSU and CPU cooler.
  2. have a 650watt ultra power supply
    i know its not tempature related as it can crash within a mintue and sometimes a hour the tempature of cpu would be at 40 when it crashes then sometimes its 44 50 or just straight up when i start the game

    My video card is a good temps
    And the motherboard im useing is a evga 730a
  3. my board supports b2 phenom 9850 but not b3 so i was guessing that the main reason
  4. cookiefood02 said:
    my board supports b2 phenom 9850 but not b3 so i was guessing that the main reason

    That surprises me since the B3's are more power efficient and should run better.
  5. ok update b3 processor do work on this motherboard but i dont think this watt verison of it is supported

    Other people with this board have the 125 verison and it works fine and doesnt crash
    is it possible for the motherboard to be fine with the higher wattage verison of it and not the lower

    And im just looking to get this motherboard
  6. Usually boards have problems with the higher watt version and many boards are limited to 95watt tdp max.
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