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Hello everyone, im having an annoying problem with my TV Tuner. I have an HP Expresscard TV Tuner, which works perfectly fine on my laptop. However it has a tendancy to disappear and reappear when i restart my computer. Let me give you some history though:

It is connected to my computer via an SIIG PCIe to Expresscard Adapter. When i first set this up, i was using Windows 7 RC 1. At that time, it was consistent and always present at boot. However, i downgraded back to Vista (regrettably). It still worked as normal. However a few months ago I replaced my Radeon HD 4670 with a Radeon HD 5770. Since this time, my TV Tuner must be removed and re-inserted prior to boot, to have SOME chance of reappearing. It could take 5-6 reboots before it was detected and then it would be buggy (stop after 2 hrs recording, but not after 3hrs watching). Almost always, shutting down would cause it to disappear. I've updated, re-installed, and rolled back drivers. I scoured the BIOS and found no settings for this. I removed the card and re-inserted it, with no results. I gave up and resigned my self to this mess.

Noe however i've upgraded to Windows 7, and i'm determined to find a fix. Looking closer, i've noticed that the problem appears to be on the motherboard. Whenever it is detected, or after it disappears, on boot my computer states: AMD Data Change.... Updating to DMI. This is consistent with the availability of the TV Tuner, so im considereing updating my BIOS, which i understand is risky, even with DualBIOS. Any thoughts?
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  1. anonymous1 said:
    What PSU are you using? I think it's failing.

    The PSU is an OCZ ModXStream 750W. I added it shortly after this problem began, literally 3-4 days after. I had purchased a horrible Eagle power supply which caused me some startup issues, but after consulting these forums I replaced it.
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