Crackling noise from system...

Hello, i just built a new sandy bridge system, and i hear 3-4 cracks at the same time of boot up and only boot up, right when windows says loading.

i5 2500k
asus p67 Pro mobo
corsair 750ax
amd 6950
ripjaws 1300 cas 7 1.5
vasus xonar stx
zalaman performa with stock and thermalright 140mm fan
lighton dvd drive

thanks for any help, im a bit worried cuz the i just had the psu die on me and i just go this new one now im worried.
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  1. its like the sound of light switch, that sound of electricity and happens only when booting into windows, also there is a pop from my headphone but only on the third crackle from system. Weird, always 3 crackles.
  2. I found out what it was, my audio card does that sound whenever switch to headphones for the amp or something in there.

    oh man im glad its fine, that is suppose to happen apparently
  3. Quote:
    OHHH!!! now i know what your talking about... sorry, i didnt even think of that, its like when your plugging in your speakers and there at full blast but you accidentally touch the outside of the port ... right?

    no that its an audioable while the speakers are plugged in the whole time.

    while not near the speakers
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