Video upgrade suggestions for a mini itx


Im thinking of a 9500GT(50$ cdn) as an upgrade for my mini itx mobo, or is there a better bang out there for my buck?


OS: XP pro
Ram: 2GB ddr2
MOBO: MSI fuzzy gm965 mini itx w/ 1PCI-e x16 slot
PSU: 300W Sparkle
CPU: Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo T8300 @ 2.4GHz
HD: 80 GB Western Digital @ 7200

I use this system mainly for internet and some games (ut2004), but would like to "experience" some MMORPG like WOW or LOTRO if i can for about 50$ If possible. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. What you should rather try looking at is the GT 2 series i remember getting a small form factor GT210 which is slightly better then the old 9500 GT try get a 220 or 240.

    Oh and one other apparently the Nvidia 4 series are also going extremely entry level and compact try the GT430 maybe?
  2. Thanks for the tips Pilk, i looked at the 210 and iirc it has somewhat of a bad rap, cant remember tho for sure lol.

    What about anything from ATI in my case?(pun intended)
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    ATI 5570 maybe? I'm running one on my rig with a Coolermaster 350 ps no problems and they come in half hight - I have a Powercoler card.
  4. Tx for the tip stiller, im just going to look at the specs right now.

    Although i must admit having read Pilks advice on the gt430 has piqued interest on a gts450 even though its at least 100$ lol.
  5. hmmmm, ATI 5570 .. very interesting. The max power of this is only 39 watts while the comparable (pricewise atleast) gts450 is 106 watts.

    Does anybody know of an in situ comparison of the two cards?
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