Can't get Speedfan to work with ASUS X79 Sabretooth

Newly built PC - have 3 case fans (one on front, two on top) as well as one CPU fan which is for the Intel liquid cooling unit I am using.

I have downloaded speedfan and currently get options for 3 fans when I load up the program.

I've configured speedfan to access my motherboard and set all the fan values to manual control, however, no matter how much I change the values on each of these 3 fans the only one that actually changes is fan 2 (the CPU fan). I can't get any of the case fans to adjust in speed.

Already changed all the possible BIOS settings related to fan control and speedfan still doesn't have any effect on the case fans.

Any advice as to what I could do to help this?

It would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Are all those case fans PWM fans, or are they just 2Pin Fans?
  2. I'm assuming PWM as it has a cable which allows for a four pin connection, but the fans only work when this cable is connected to 3 of the 4 pins on the motherboard connector.
  3. Does that help??
  4. Nah PWM fans can be 3 or 4 pin. The 2 Pin fans are the DC ones that are controlled by the Case controllers usually after market ones.
    The mobo headers are usually 3 Pin and one or 2 4 Pins , the 4 pin ones are usually for the CPU and the 3 pin ones are usually for the case fans.
    Personally, I don't like the Speed Fan utility at all and have advised a lot of people not to use it. The BIOS is capable of handling whatever you throw at it and controlling it optimally without a extra software headache in the rig.
    Speed Fan requires the identification of the chipset to be proper, and these identification profiles aren't released by the manufacturer, it's based on the users, sometimes others really make a mess of their rigs by using the closest power profile since their chipset isn't there in the identification box. So I really can't tell you if it's the chipset not correctly identified or the fans not proper.
    But, my suggestion is , get rid of that SF utility, it never helped anyone.
  5. Ok, thanks! Do you think if I installed a physical fan controller that would work? I just want to be able to adjust the speed when needed.
  6. Yup, a case fan controller will certainly work, some of them even have programmed setting which you can change, and they come with the thermistor to monitor temps too.
  7. Just a question, what does Speedfan register your CPU temps as, because for me Speedfan monitors CPUTIN instead of the Temperature reading being sent from the CPU so it thinks the CPU is 128 degress as apposed to 30 degress which is what the CPU actually is so the automatic speed control ramps the CPU fan to 100 %
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