GTX 460 as PhysX card?

I got 2 GTX 460's 768mb in SLI right now but I am upgrading or downgrading you could say.

I either picking up a GTX 580 or GTX 470 and overclocking it. I just want the extra memory available in my system for games.

I am selling one to my buddy and the other was wondering if I could just use it as a PhysX card or would this be absurd?
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  1. It's ok. You can use it. But it won't be always usable because there are very few games that use PhysX, even fewer that use the video card for that. Some still use the CPU for PhysX.

    But for 18w plus at idle it won't hurt.
  2. I see I got it so cheap I don't know to sell it for $120ish or just use it as PhysX card. My friend doesn't support SLI otherwise I'd hook him up.

    I just built him a budget system and that why it can't support it.

    If I end up picking up a Gtx 580 I know I would not even need a PhysX card its is more then enough for anything right now and I'll have to sell it for the extra money to go towards it.
  3. You can use the card for cuda based encoders for media and images. I have used my gtx 460 1GB and it is quick but you can load every cuda supported card in your system if you find the right app.
  4. Obviously you should just give the card to me :D
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