Msi gf 9800gtx oc'ed version problem :(

Hi everyone ,
I have searched all the forums on the internet and even tried to find a solution from a pc-repairing professionals , and nothing =/(maybe they are not so good pro as they think :))) ) So my specs are:
MoBo: intel dx48bt2(b) 1997 intel bios version 1333mhz FSB
CPU: Q9300 @ 2.5Ghz
RAM: ddr3 4gb 1066mhz @ 7 7 7 20 @ 1.54V (KHX12800D3K2/4G)
GPU: MSI GF 9800GTX 512MB oc'ed version
PSU: SL-500 (500W)
OS: Win xp 32bit edition
So my problem is that when i run a game like crysis or other that is demanding high specs i get random artifacts and/or i see textures on my screen and then the game crashes(with error that nvidia display driver stopped working) or freezes (i can hit alt+tab and then return to the game , everything goes normal for 1-5min and then again the same sh*t ) , but when i run games like warcraft3 or lineage2 the game goes perfectly , no gliches nothing at all , and no that is not heating ussue , coz i tested GPU with rthdribl program and it hits only 75C (temps from speedfan) I tried such things as raising system ram timings to 9 9 9 27 , tried to replace the video card to other slots , and ram to other slots , tried to change psu with 850W and nothing. even tried flashing bios with 2006version and 1997 that i have now , and that does not solved the problem , i can't RMA the video card coz I loosed the docs =/ (i think that if the card is bad , then the artifacts must be in all 3d games , but they are showing up only at high-spec requiring games =/)
BTW: when i changed ram voltage or timing (don't remember to what :D) then in crysis AA was flashing like there was lightning in the game :D , i don't know what to do , any suggestions? (i am using 177.79 drivers tried to install newest but that does not solves the problem :( ) And sry for my bad english :)))
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  1. It likely is a heat problem, but not all heat problems are the GPU overheating. Some heat problems are related to the v-ram over heating, or the voltage regulators. Try clocking down the v-ram. If that stops it from happening, I think you've figured out what is wrong.

    I've had cards that had VRM (voltage regulater modules) overheating with the GPU temps under 80C before.
  2. But then why when i am running any test program it passes the test :D
    I will try to underclock the vram , and will post what i will get
  3. What did they test? The only thing that test shows is the temp of the GPU, not it's video ram or voltage regulators.

    Also, those are really old drivers you are using. I'd still use the latest drivers. They should be 260.99 if I remember correctly.
  4. Yes , i tried uptodate drivers , any of them :D even beta and moded, i tried to lower the vram clock speed and the game (crysis) crashes immediatelly after joining the game :( , could it be that the mobo bios or video card bios is bad? =/ , and what test program i need to have to check those what you suggested :) ? coz i even dont know how to test them :( .
    BTW, why MSI afterburner does not let me to change the voltage =/ , i have unlocked voltage edit in settings tab
  5. The problem with monitoring the VRM's is they rarely have a sensor on them. Sometimes the VRAM doesn't either.

    Regardless of weither you had an issue with the latest drivers or not, I'd still install them. Then I'd make sure you have the lastest patches for Crysis installed. You'll find them here:

    Make sure the drivers you do install are from Nvidia and not from your cards manufacturer.

    Try that. If the problem persists, I'd recommend trying another card from a friend or another machine. This is to make sure the problem only happens with this card, and not others.
  6. It is not games fault , because when i tried to play GTAIV , the same problem persist =/ , and why not from manufacturer web? , ok i will try to install latest driver from nvidia.
  7. Hmmm , this is freaking me out :pt1cable: , when i am trying to set the clock speed to 700 (the slider is on 700mhz but program shows 702) it is not setting ;d , i is going over 702 and under 694 , and the shader clock isn't going to 1750 the same problem could that be the bios :heink:
  8. So , I installed latest nvidia driver 260.99 , set game settings to low :( , at the start it showed some artifacts , then some alt+tab :heink: , and for the moment I am playing crysis without freeze, but some objects are orange :D, will post what will be after 10-30min playing ;)
  9. The coloring definately sounds like overheating. How old is this card? Is it something that is under warranty?
  10. So after playing for 5min :D the game freezed and windows showed up with an error and 640*480 at 4bit color :D that nvidia driver stopped working , my windows is in russian so sry about that :( P.S. card is 2years old , I have been changing thermal paste once a year :(
  11. Have you changed the Thermal tape? The VRM's and VRAM are usually covered with Thermal tape, and that also goes bad.
  12. :D I have left running that msi combustor all over the night , for 7hours , and everything went fine :heink:
    P.S. thermal tape isn't dry , so i think that is not problem with it , but , when the gpu is at 75C the vrams are too , bcoz they are cooled with 1 heatsink with fan , but then why when i was running test for 7hours and it didn't crashed or freezed ?? I am confused :D
  13. Hmm , I have found one post at microsoft website, I had some bluescreens with error code : *** STOP: 0x000000ea (0x885b8020, 0x88a86a88, 0x88a034e8, 0x00000001) , I found that this is a driver issue? ;d, but i tried installing most of the drivers , older and latest, nothing ;d
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