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I'm looking for a new keyboard and have something of an idea what I'm looking for:

- I'm a programmer that plays games too, so I need something with decent buffers that doesn't die completely when I hold down more than 2-3 buttons.
- I'd prefer wireless but could go wired.
- USB connection preferred over PS/2.
- I want slim buttons, like on a laptop or the logitech ultrax flat-keyboards.
- I'd prefer something streamlined, without fifteen extra buttons. I really like the design of the apple wireless keyboard.
- Decent quality, apple wireless keyboard with the metal case is a good example.
- Backlight would be a nice bonus.

Finding a keyboard filling all of these needs is probably not going to happen, but could you recommend one that fills most of them?

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  1. Hm, yea. Good start :)
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