Perplexing problems, Assistance needed

Good afternoon and thanks for taking a look at my question,

This past November I was finally able to talk my wife into letting me have a thousand dollars to build myself a budget gaming computer, so I browsed the web and decided to build a machine on maximumpcs website. I purchased all of their recommended parts minus the SSD and RAM. My current specs are

intel core i5-760
cooler master hyper 212+
4 GB corsair XMS3 DDR3 RAM CMX4GX3M2A1600C8
ASUS P7P55D-E PRO Motherboard
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 320 GB sata HD
Corsair TX 750 Power Supply
Windows Vista 32 bit

When I installed all the parts into the case and hit the power button everything went perfectly and the system booted right up. After a week of a seemingly good operating computer I started to have instances of the computer locking up while playing games. To date I have been through all spectrum's with this build, from playing Black Ops at 75 fps with settings maxed out, to having it not even boot up and being forced to do clean re-installs of windows vista 4 times.

Apparently hitting the tab key like a drunken monkey posts the message, sorry for my rookie mistake. I was working on explaining the tests I have already performed.

I have run each stick of memory through memtest and had them each check out fine individually, but in the same breath can say I have had them each individually check out bad. And at one point was only able to boot the computer with one stick of RAM, if I added the second stick Windows would never boot.

I have removed and reinstalled the cpu, run memtest mulitiple times with varied results, and am pretty much feeling like I wasted my thousand dollars!

After reading through this sites forums I know there are some really smart people here who can hopefully tell me where I screwed up. Anyway, thanks in advance for your help. If I left anything important out please let me know.

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  1. Seems like I am having almost completely similar things happen with my new build as well. I can't figure them out. If I do end up doing so I'll let you know what it ended up being for me.

    Hopefully we both find the reasoning behind this mess.
  2. Yeah lets hope. Since you may find some use of other things I have tried and the still resulting problems I will bend your ear a little more.

    Last night I ran Prime95 for about 2 hours with CPU usage at 100%, maintained CPU temp of 46 degrees c, with no errors. Then I rebooted with the Memtest boot disk and completed two passes on the RAM. Once again no problems.

    Feeling cocky I finally reinstalled my gaming hard drive and booted up SC2. Playing time was limited to a max of about 20 mins before the game would shut down. Checking event viewer I saw Event ID 9010, SC2 was asking windows to stop windows data management console, Or something very similar to that. So I forced that WDMC to close and not attempt to restart after it had failed.

    Then I restarted SC2 and was able to play for about 45 minutes straight with no problems, until minute 46 when I had another unexpected game exit, got frustrated, and went to sleep.

    I guess my question is whether Vista 32 bit could be the underlying issue. It seems that my hardware checks out fine and until I start getting a ton of windows error reports I can at least always get the system to start.

    Sorry if this didn't make any sense, but any ideas, either with grammar :sarcastic:, or my problem would be appreciated.

    Good Luck!
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