5970 - needing some advice

I've been contemplating a graphics upgrade for a while now, and I've got a budget of around £400 to work with.

Marjory, I've been considering a pair of 6870's arranged in crossfire. They clock in around £360 for the pair. However, I noticed sellers on ebay selling the 5970 for fairly cheap:-


My paranoia is kicking in telling me not to use ebay for such an expensive item, but for the card it's sorely tempting.

Was wondering if anyone had advice, or potential alternatives?

I've got a GTX295 just now, so hopefully should have some resale value. Processor is an i7 920, with an Asus P6T SLi Deluxe motherboard. I'm also considering a monitor upgrade, to a 2560x1600 (or 1440) resolution. I say considering, I pretty much have decided to get one, I'm just trying to choose.
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  1. LOL you are in a predicament their brand wise? are you specific as to what you prefer? As you can see this a significant difference when it comes to price? have you taken any look at the Nvidia 5 series GTX 580?
  2. Question is, does the GTX580 beat a pair of 6780's ?

    I've heard and seen conflicting benchmarks, everywhere.
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