Critique my first build.

Here's my first computer build with some help from family, friends, and internet strangers. - Getting this for $159 from my cousin who works at Intel. - Got this for free from my aunt.


Total build with the price of everything up there except counting the i7 2600k and GTX 460 is $821.93 USD excluding tax and shipping.


Total price of what I'm paying for everything is $421.95 excluding tax and shipping.


I'll be using this build to play games on 1920x1080, games like Starcraft 2. Any idea on what settings I can play on smoothly?

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  1. I'd recommend a GTX570.....
  2. mdd1963 said:
    I'd recommend a GTX570.....

    Well my aunt could only hook me up with a GTX 460 2GB and she said even though GTX 560 would be coming out soon she wouldn't be able to get that for me until probably a year. I'll upgrade my graphics card in about a year though.
  3. Dude, where is the mobo?
  4. Its gonna be the Asus P8P7 Pro but it's out of stock on Newegg for now. My bad
  5. no get the asrock extreme4 instead it's cheaper and has same performance and feature set
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