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I'm looking to use ATI's CrossFireX on my computer with two different models in the HD5800 series. I currently have a SAPPHIRE 100297L Radeon HD 5830 used in my computer, and I'm looking into a SAPPHIRE Toxic 100282-2GTXSR Radeon HD 5850 . I know that my motherboard is CrossFire ready, so that's not the point, what I'm trying to find out is if my power supply can handle both of these cards with CrossFire.

I have a 700W OCZ ModXStream Pro OCZ700MXSP connected and running my 5830. The specs on the SAPPHIRE website states that the 5830 model I have requires a 500W power supply and a recommended 600W power supply to CrossFire two of them. The website also states that for the 5850 a 600W power supply is required for one, and 900W recommended for two in CrossFire.

That being said, the Newegg website and the AMD website state that the 5850 model requires 500W, and a 600W in CrossFire.

With all considered, is my power supply good enough to support this? Two websites say so, but the official Sapphire one says otherwise.

Saphire Websites:
5830: http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?psn=0001&pid=323
5850 (1GB ver.): http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?psn=000101&pid=321

Newegg 5850:

AMD 5850:
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  1. Your current PSU should be fine, but why are you trying to CF 2 different GPUs? Even if it works, it won't be like having 2 HD5850s, rather it will be 2 HD5830s. Why not just save a few bucks and get a HD5830? Or, 2 HD5850s?
  2. yeah i know they're two different GPUs, but I have the money to spend on a better one now, so seems how i have a 5830, i might as well just get a better one that is still compatible with my old one.

    Thank you so much guys!
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