Blue screen of death can't get to safe mode

I've got a Sony Viao with a Maxtor 120gig HD.
Running XP home

I went to use my computer and it was on a blue screen stating that windows had been shut down to protect my machine. If this is the first time you have seen this screen shut down and restart ....and I can't remember the rest.
I restarted and the system asked me to put in my systems disk...I did that and windows startup initiated and stopped stating I needed to start in safe mod using F8 that I had a memory issue. At no time did I get a full boot-up to windows it seemed to stop after Bios check. There were no other symptoms I just went to wake it up and there it was the dreaded Blue Screen!

I took it to a friend that had another computer so he could at least plug it in as a slave and see if it would work ruling out the mother board or point to the HD. He said he could not get his computer to recognize the HD at all master or slave.

Any suggestions on next steps there are a few files I would love to recover if possible?

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  1. If you can, change the RAM for a borrow RAM and test again.
  2. I thought that is what I was in affect doing by swapping the HD into another computer. But will look to swap RAM also.
  3. Didn't mention how old computer is, But try this, Remove and insert your Memory (RAM) about 3 times and retry booting to Bios. Leave HDD disconnected). Older systems sometimes developes oxidation on the memory pins. If you can get into bios, with HDD disconnected, then try booting to a DVD. If posible created a bootable dvd with Memtest86 (just google) and if possible boot to DVD and run Memtest - everyting still good, then reconnect HDD and try.
  4. Thanks sounds like a start. Yep its a good 10 years old but runs great for what we ask of it..up to yesterday that is.
    Will test this tonight.
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