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SLI and three monitors

A straight-forward single question:

If I have two Nvidia video cards and I am planning to run three (or four) monitors, do the cards run NOT in SLI as this graphic from Nvidia seems to suggest?

Thanks all in advance for any answers.
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  1. What are you trying to achieve? Just multi monitor or surround vision?
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  3. Mousemonkey said:
    What are you trying to achieve? Just multi monitor or surround vision?

    Oops, sorry.
    Am trying to achieve (what I think is) surround vision, that is, three monitors showing three angles of the same game's vision.
    I am NOT trying to achieve three monitors showing the same thing or variants of that.

    And yes, trying to achieve that with either Gtx480 or 580. (just in case it's important.)
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  5. benski said:
    SLI is required to game across 3 screen. Read this:

    BING! We have a winner!
    Awesome. That's the stuff I was seeking. I won't embarass myself by asking how you found it, but thank you.

    Addendum: I also found this news story (on this site) which said:

    In other words, you're playing a PC title, in 3D, over three different screens. ... The Surround setup requires two Nvidia cards in SLI; The demo on the show floor was running two "Next Generation" GF100 GPUs. One GPU powers the left and center displays, and the other powers the right display. In this case, the displays weren't monitors, rather three 120 Hz DLP projectors pointed at one very long screen. If you happen to have three 120 Hz monitors lying around, you should be good to go.

    Thanks for your interest, folks. And thanks, Benski.
    For some reason, I was under the impression only AMD cards could do this surround stuff, so I asked.
  6. Only the AMD cards can do it in hardware. Nvidia does it through software. No difference as far as the end user can see, but it does allow NVidia to enable this in their older cards. I think they allows this down to the GTX260, while you have to have a newer 5xxx card from AMD.
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