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I am concerned about my CPU temps after recently getting my stock i7 2600 heatsink back into place (after it being loose). Idle temps are at about 36 celcius today and it's fairly mild, with prime95 on a blend test I almost went up to 80 celcius and later my PC restarted, I think. :o
I'm not sure because it's a fairly grey area to me. I was wondering if a different airflow option would be good because my PCH is already at 44 celcius idle implying I don't have my airflow working with one fan at the front an one at the rear. Also what temperatures can DDR3 RAM withstand? I'm using hyperblu 1600MHz CL9.
This is a quick diagram of my case, my gpu cooling is fine but not the small area in the top left IMO due to the cable mess stopping the cool air. I can't really do much about it because the case is quite small and I don't have any cable management options. My HDD is clearly cooled quite a bit at 28 celcius or so idle, not sure about it under load, but probably pretty cool. I was thinking of changing my intake to the bay indicated as "possible fan replacement" to cool the main components getting hot, but I fear the HDD wont get cooled or the airflow will cancel out other cold air. The PSU would probably be ok because of its large fan - it's a 1000w and wont get near its usage so will be able to stay cool, overkill I know. The GPU would be fine... it's a triple slot cooler, DCUII gtx 570. Come June I'll be getting some fans for free so I feel it'd be a bit pointless buying some to have another exaust to equal a front intake and a side (or the proposed replacement) intake. My case is an elite 370.
Suggestions? Thoughts?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your case fan configuration is correct.
    You could place a 140mm in the front intake instead of a 120mm.
    Move the replaced 120mm to the additional top mount as an exhaust of course.
    Adding an intake on the bottom side panel mount is another option.
    An aftermarket cpu cooler is another option.
    You should be able to squeeze something under 158mm tall in there.
    Your gpu is dumping heat into the case since it's not an external exhaust design.
    Nothing to be concerned about as far as temps go imo.
  2. I want to avoid after market coolers atm because they would be fairly expensive for me really. Would arctic 5 thermal paste help much with dissapation? Or is the intel stock compouned almost as high quality? My bottom bay is covered by my long PSU btw.
    Do side and top intakes disturb airflow then?
  3. I'm not a side fan user even though i have 3 cases with mounts available there.
    By all means use all the top exhaust mounts though = hot air rises
    The best you could hope for with a thermal paste upgrade is maybe 5C max from stock paste dependinng on the paste.
    AS5 wouldn't be my choice but it's much better then stock.
    TX-3 is good and cheap.
    I find side intakes introduce alot of dust in my experience.
    On the cheap replacing the front intake with a 140mm and putting the 120mm on top is a good option.
    And different paste would help.
  4. Side intakes are good, but any fans at the rear or top of the case should always be exhaust. Having a top intake would literally go against the flow because heat rises.

    If you just put the heatsink back on without reapplying thermal compound, that could be the source of your high temps. Any time you take the heatsink off, you need to reapply. I would buy some good thermal compound, then remove the stuff Intel uses from both the heatsink and CPU and apply the good stuff just to be sure.

    Edit: Scooped while typing and eating at the same time.
  5. Ok, I'll replace the 120mm with a 140 and use that 120 for the top rear. If I can I'll probably get the Hyper 212+ because it's great value for performance, but it is a little bit taller than you suggested (0.5mm :P) but I think it'd be fine.
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