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HP e9120y/AMD Phenom II X4 910- new PS&graphics??

Really need a little advice- PC is: HP e9120y/AMD Phenom II X4 910, 8 GB ddr3 (pc3-10600MB/sec)- but sitting on a 300 watt power supply and 4350-- Question is this: better power supply and 6850? or 6870? or just stick with a 5770 or 5570?? WOW addict, want to know what will work for CATACLYSM? looking at the power requirements on 68xx is lower, have only one PCIe x16 slot - so no crossfire in the future, mobo won't hack that... Thank you!! (Looking at Black Friday for the upgrades...) :ange:
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  1. Well, first of all, check whether your PC can accept a normal card and normal ATX PSU.
    Second, what resolution do you play at?
    Third, what is your budget for both PSU and graphic card?
  2. Is this GPU for gaming that you want to get?
    Again,what is your budget for the PSU and GPU?
  3. budget is around the $200 mark- sizewise- it is an atx case- I am wondering if I should stick with the PCIE x16 single slot cards- no room for the dual slot big cards.
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    Well i think the fastest card you can fit in there will be a 5770,and just stick with your current PSU.
    $125 after MIR

    If size isn't a problem i just saw a 550 Watt corsair and a 460gtx 768mb version,for $220 Total.Just let me know and i'll go look up that combo again.

    Just out of curiosity what is the make/model of your PSU?, just to be sure.
  5. Just opened the case, again... :-) The area for the PSU (btw it is a 'Liteon"- prolly made for HP-300watt, too small for advanced graphics cards) is somewhat small, but I can cut any little sheetmetal projections... damn, forgot to take a tape measure to it...

    I really like the 460 size, specs- especially the MSI 1GB Cyclone-- have room for a looong card- but widthwise there is a good sized heat sink on the mobo near the back of the card GTX460 size)- has about a "can" (capacitor?) space to video card board... dont think a plastic covered 6870 would fit-- unless I can remove some plastic... so it may be the gtx460 come Cyber Monday + a psu.
  6. Thanks to all of u! : Purple stank- how do I find combos at newegg?/ not havin much luck finding the 768mb and 550 watt Corsair-- all the specs that I have been able to find look like the 768 is about as good as the 1GB- wonder if the 256 width necessary for WOW CATACLYSM??
  7. Is that all you play,WoW? I don't think you need anything bigger(faster*) than a 5770, could run WoW fine.But their are great deals going on now,just post your size demensions of your card bay and your PSU.
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  9. You should really upgrade your PSU, it won't work with a 5770
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