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i have an old dell from 2002. ive recently clean installed the OS and adapters and my graphics card doesn't work. its popping up at a code 10. and wont run. ive ran the advanced adapter test and its failed but i think its due to a bad adapter or not updating something correctly. ive tried unistalling over and over. even reformatted 3 times and nothing worked. i figured id buy a cheap graphics card and throw it in....being so old i have no idea what to look for. here are my specs

Dimension 8250
Cpu-pentium 4/ bus 533 mhz/ 2.66ghz/512kb
OP-windows xp
mobo-dell rev a00
HD-wd 120 gb
ram?- 2 x 128mb non-ecc
Gpu-Nvidia p73-64 mb ddr nvidia mx420 (possibly dead)?

^my mobo, i think its an pentium 478 possibly 775??
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  1. That's an AGP card, right?
    You can can try borrow or buy an AGP card as cheap as possible, try on your PC, see if that is work or not...
  2. itll work on my signatures pc?
  3. Well, IF your mobo+cpu+ram+psu are fine then any agp card should work just fine on your old system...
  4. i meant can i try the card on my pc?
  5. Oh, do you mean you want to try the AGP card on your Evga x58 FTW3?
    Well, your mobo only has PCIE slot and not AGP slot, so you can't try the old card on your PC...
  6. oh damn hmm i wonder if itd work in a dimension b110 or dimension 2400
  7. b110 and dim 2400 do not have the agp slots and the card still isnt working. any other ideas?

    EVGA 6200MB 256MB AGP Video Card
    EVGA 6200 512MB AGP Video Card work?

    another possibility could be the 150 watt power supply. the computer is roughly 9 years old. is it time to replace? recommendation for a cheap psu thatd work?
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