Do I need a router with UTM for best security?

Our family needs to upgrade our old reliable Netgear RT-314 (flashed to a ZyXEL Prestige 314 back in 2002) to some kind of Gigabit router and hopefully with wireless-n. We've recently added a Windows Home Server and we stream a fair amount of video to and from our TiVoHD's, so faster network traffic is desired. Also, we'd like to use Remote Access to our Home Server if it's safe enough to do so. Altogether we have about 16 nodes (DVR's, Playstation, Wii, PC's, Print servers, switches).

Our current configuration uses the "Prestige 314" as the home network router and a separate Linksys WRT-54G as a wireless-g access point and switch (routing turned off). We also have 2 Netgear 5-port switches. None of the aforementioned is gigabit, which we'd like to upgrade to.

A friend tells me that a router's "firewall" is not really that good unless it has UTM (unified threat management). I've found these units to be uncommon for home use and quite a bit more expensive than mainstream consumer units. Are they really preferred for home use? Or can I get similar quality security with a mainstream consumer model?

Also, is there a significant advantage to have separate components serve the router and wireless access point functions? Or is it just as good or better to have a wireless router serve both functions?

I've been thinking of the solution of getting the new Netgear WNDR37AV dual band wireless-n gigabit router and a 8-port gigabit switch to replace our current router, the WRT-54G, and the FS105 switch. Is that a good solution or would we be spending more/less than we really need to?
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  1. Seeing there aren't any quick responses to the UTM issue, I'll just conclude that having a router with UTM isn't that big a deal and look for a wireless-n gigabit router with good user reviews.

    If anyone has suggestions for a setup with minimal intervention and maintenance, I'd appreciate it. The setup we've been using has been relatively stable as I've probably only rebooted the router about once a year.
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