New Build For DAW...Advice Please

Whats going on. This will be my 2nd build but I'm switching from AMD to Intel now for audio purposes. Also I get involved with large files dealing with Winrar, Movies, And do some encoding. This machine will not be used for gaming. I already have 2 HDD and everything else but here is the list of what I want to get for my music production. I just want to know if this would work out for me. Not into sampling too much but I do use a good amount of VSTI's, VST's, Reason, FL Studio, Pro Tools 7 M-Powered. I don't plan on overclocking the system. Any advice on any of the components would be appreciated.

Intel Core I5 2500

ASUS P8P67 LGA 1155



OCZ Vertex 2 60GB (SSD) (Boot & Program Drive)
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More about build advice please
  1. Hello and welcome to THG.

    Post after you are ready.
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    The OP seems fine to me. He didn't copy and paste the guideline verbatim, but all necessary info was there. Edit: Except budget.

    Save some cash with this RAM:

    And if you want to use the onboard graphics of the 2500, you'll need an H67 motherboard (not P67). I don't have a specific recommendation at the moment but I'm sure you'll find some if you search the other threads for H67.
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