Sapphire 6850 1920x1080 problem dvi-vga adapter

hi guys!!

jus recently got my ati 6850,

i install it >, then the drivers.> i reboot> suddenly it gets
a res. 1600x900. i said ok, let me put it @1080.... then where's the 1920x1080?
i did some reseach, and in threads said: open ati catalyst>go to desktops and displays>
rightclick the monitor>configure>select the resolution.

i did that, but at first when i selected 1920x1080@60. it got 1920x1080@30. 30!!!
and since then im stucked at 1600x900.

phenom x4 9850be
ati 6850 (dahhh!!)
2gb ram (i know i need more...) :p
monitor aoc f22s vga 1080 native
and a shitty keyboard ... :D

help!!! i hate this resolution!!

thanks in advance :)
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  1. Hmmmm... I am not too techy so this is what I can bring to the table. Go to properties> advanced> monitor> set the herts. :D
  2. done that... don't let me. should i reintall the system?
  3. Hmmmmmm... Very weird problem considering you have had herts @ 60. I would try reinstalling all the drivers and making sure that the card is all the way plugged in. BTW what game are you playing?
  4. i haven't tried anything intensive, sniper ghost warrior, deadspace... but when i get it to work ill make a juic out of it....
  5. Well check the settings in the games. Sometimes you can lock it at 30fps. That might be your problem.
  6. ok. ill ty that. if does not work... ill reinstall the system.
    thanks dude
  7. i am here to serve. No problem. ;)
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