Video Card Issues

When I powered on my computer today, I started noticing artifacts on screen in spots here and there.

When I rebooted the issue seemed to go away, no more artifacts.

However, I'm noticing reduced performance in games now, with some stuttering.

Is there any programs out there I can use to test my video card to be sure it's the issue? Temperature on it seems normal, so I don't think it's overheating.

I don't have another card to test with and I don't want to RMA it and then have it sent back because it's not the issue.
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  1. Please post your full system specs.
    Also download "Fraps" and check your FPS in games and compare it with benchmarks from other sites.
    Also download 3DMark06/Vantage,and see if you can successfully run its tests(post the score you get here)
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