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Ok right now my graphics card is an ATI Radeon 5770 ad it runs great. the only problem i have is that it doesn't have dual DVI ports so I can dual screen so to solve this problem and just to get a better video card, I was going to purchase the Nvidia 460 and buy 2 new monitors on Black Friday. Would it be worth it to do this or should i just buy the Mini Display to DVI adapter and buy 1 monitor? My plan with the dual screen is to run WoW on one and just music, internet and other things on the other. Would it be even worth it to upgrade to a new card which in turn would make me have to upgrade my power supply or should I just get the new monitors and the adapter?

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  1. What make/model 5770 do you have? Does it not have an HDMI port? if so you can just get an HDMI to DVI cable to solve that.
  2. yes it does have that also.
  3. But my question is should I either

    1. Buy the Nvidia 460, a new power supply and 2 new monitors to get the best dual monitor experience


    2.Just buy 2 new monitors, the HDMI to DVI adapter and just use my Radeon 5770.

    The only thing I dont want to happen is to mess up my FPS in WoW if I dont upgrade to a more powerful card or will the 5770 be ok for dual monitors?
  4. HDMI to DVi is just a straight pin match. Just get an HDMI to DVI cable and be happy. If you are getting the 2nd display regardless, just get the cable and try it out. They are like $5-$10 on newegg. If you are not happy with the performance, then upgrade. Worst case is you spend $5-10 on a cable that you will probably use for something else down the road anyway.
  5. ya thats a good idea, thanks
  6. ^ I know. ;)
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