HD 5650

I just purchased myself a HP Dv7 laptop and for some reason i cant run starcaft 2 even on LOW settings.

Here are my specs.

Intel i7 CPU Q720@1.60GHz
HD 5650 Gfx card.
Windows 64 Home pro
1 TB hardrive

I have tried updating the gfx driver, uninstalled nortons, made sure laptop was on High Performance settings, i have no conflicts in Device manager.

Im lost this is a brand new machine that just paid a small fortune for in my country and it wont even run a game on low which i find hard to believe.

Please any help would be appreciated.

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  1. That is weird. Uninstall and then install all the drivers again.
  2. maybe issue with game try to reload the game onto the laptop hd.
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