Considering Wireless Routers

Hello everyone,

After crawling through wireless reviews, my selection of wireless routers have been narrowed down to the following:

Can anyone recommend a selection?

Also if possible, could you state why?

I am currently using D-link DI-624 and I have numerous issues with the router. Firstly, it's the wireless range. It is very limited even after upgrading the antenna to ANT24-0700, an omnidirectional antenna. Next, it's the wireless connection. It will take ages for the router to assign an IP address through DHCP and I have the latest firmware. The security measure is WPA2-PSK. Lastly, it's the random reboot issue.

Would it be a good idea to upgrade? I am seeking better range, connection and no stupid reboot issues. However, the chance is slim as I found (according to some people in other forums) that the antenna extends the wireless range far greater than what wireless-N routers are capable of doing.
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  1. I am in the exact same position. And I am trying to find which is better, too.
  2. But hardly anyone is voting ....
  3. BUMP!
  4. It seems like we're both looking for answers yet hardly anyone notices :(
  5. I'm looking too. There's just NO consensus. PCMag, vs CNET vs NewEgg.
    Not only that, but the published reviews I see are generally tied to routers which Newegg has been selling (and collecting user reviews) for about 2 years already.
    Surely the 802.11N "draft" issues are slowly getting addressed by better hardware and setup by now?
  6. And what EVER has happened to Tom's over the past couple of years? Gees, I used to come to this site for info just like CNET and PCMag, but when it comes to wireless networking and routers this site is So LAME!
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