Almost done with build, just little more help plz~

Thank you all for helping me.
I am almost done with my build because of your help.
I just need couple of more advices before I can complete it :)
I will write my PC spec so far first and ask question near the end.
I already got below items so I can't switch

CPU = 2500K
motherboard = asrock extreme4 1155 p67
PSU = Seasonic 620W M12ii bronze
case = Raven 02
Monitor = Samsung syncmaster BX2331 1920x1080
Mouse = G500 gaming mouse

Ok now here are my undecided parts
Ram = I decided to go with 4gb 1333Mhz 9-9-9 because they are stable, and speed difference is not noticable compared to 1600Mhz and 7-7-7...etc. please tell me if you think otherwise.
My optoins are

I know that the last two are 8-8-8 and not 9-9-9. But if 8-8-8 is still stable without touching voltage in BIOS and speed improvement is noticeable then I don't mind adding $4 more. Difference between 1st and 2nd, or 3rd and 4th is the name 'X' and I don't see any other difference. But 'X' just looks cooler with their designs. I am not sure if it's stupid to spend more money just because they look cooler or not haha.

GPU = Gigabyte 6850 Crossfire vs. 560
If I go with 6850, I will get two to use crossfire.
If i go with 560, I will probably go with just one.
Which one do you guys think is a better option? I know that 6850 CF shows better performance than single 560 but I can't decide for some reason. And is my 620W PSU enough to support 6850 Crossfire?
If you ask me why I don't use 560SLI, reasons are because SLI are not as good as Crossfire, 560 are destined to be more expensive than 6850, not sure if my PSU can support it.
Or shall I just wait 2more days until reviews come out?

Keyboard = ???
I don't know which one is good for gamers. Some of the gaming keyboards are too expensive with functions that I don't think i will ever use.

I think that will be it. Thank you all.
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  1. How do you know the ram is stable? Did you try it out? If not, get the cheapest ram unless you overclock.

    It's pointless to compare apples to oranges. Radeon is better at some games whereas GeForce at others. You need to list all your games or genres you play. Otherwise, I can't help you.

    And if you ask me, yes, I'm waiting for gtx 560. It's just a matter of price & availability.
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