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GTX470, 5850 or 6850???

Hahaha i realize i might be annoying with my questions but this is a quick one if you had a option of GTX470, Radeon5850 or Radeon6850, which one would you choose? those are the 3 im thinking about
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  1. GTX 470.
  2. Assuming you don't have any power or heat issues to worry about, the cheaper of the GTX470 or the 5850. The 6850 is more like a GTX460 so its slower then either of those cards.
  3. Go with a 6870...
  4. purple stank said:
    Go with a 6870...

    i would love to go with 6870 but i think its a little out of my budget :\
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    I just checked on newegg. The GTX470 currently sells for around $240 shipped. I say around because of Nvidia's stupid pricing policy. (can't show price until its in the basket, not going through all that on my POS laptop.) The 5850 can be had for $199 shipped. I personally would rather have the $40 and get the 5850.

    Thank you Fermi for bringing the price of the 5850 down from $300 to 200. This is why competition is good.
  6. Hahahaha yeah true gotta love that by neweggs black friday sale starts today so right as i get back from school im hoping for some B A sales ;)
  7. 470 as far as power goes.
  8. I would agree to go with the 5850
  9. The Zotac GTX470 on Newegg is $235 before a $20 rebate, so $215 for a card that was easily $400 not too long ago. The MSI GTX470 is $225 after rebate. The GTX470 has PhysX.
  10. Quote:
    470 as far as power goes.


    The Zotac GTX470 on Newegg is $235 before a $20 rebate, so $215

    Thats a closer call. $15 difference is real close. I think it comes down to Eyefinity vs CUDA. While I love the idea of Eyefinity, I don't have three monitors. CUDA I can use now, either in production apps or games that support PhysX. For $15 I'd probably get the GTX470. (assuming power and heat wasn't an issue.)
  11. 4745454b said:


    haha power as in making those fps, not consumed power. Shoulda been clearer. I'd grab the 470, assuming you have a case with good airflow and a little extra power consumption and heat dont bother you.
  12. Thats why I said huh. If your worried about "power" (electricity draw/heat) then the GTX470 is not the way to go.

    There is a 5870 on newegg right now thats $250 AMR. Might want to look at that as well.
  13. How much money do you have to spend?Might be some good combo deals out there for GPU's and PSU's.
  14. The 470 has heat issues..But if you know have a good chassis for cooling or bought third party cooling i think there isnt much to worry about..They are almost the same in terms of performance..
  15. Since i found a great deal i ended up getting Sapphire Radeon 5870 for 215$ shipped, marked down from 300$ sweeet deal! gotta love newegg
  16. i saw that deal,lol.....good choice
  17. Last good deal I saw on that was for $250. Clearing inventory?
  18. The one i saw was an Open Box
  19. purple stank said:
    The one i saw was an Open Box

    this wasnt an open box, it was a legit brand new card
  20. Excellent!! :o
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