Do I need a new case?

Well here a while back I bought a computer off of Craig's List for $50. It included all the parts that a computer comes with, 2 monitors, mouse, and a key board. I have trashed all the main parts except for the monitors, hard drive, cd drive, and case. with these parts I'm building a new computer. I'm trying to figure out though should I buy a new case? The one I have is ugly and has one 80mm fan. the computer will be used for gaming and multitasking. I have a feeling my little 80mm fan wont be very good cooling though.
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  1. One 80mm fan is not near enough cooling for anything used for gaming. I would recommend getting even a "cheap" enthusiast case such as the Antec 300 or a Cooler master elite 430
  2. Ok I'll go with antec since I'm getting an antec psu
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