Computer Won't Start after Installing 5450


I've installed a ATI 5450 that I got from buying a new computer in an old 2002 Sony Vaio Desktop. Pentium 4 3.20 Ghz, Windows XP. Everytime I put in the 5450 and turn it on the lights would show up but would have no display whatsoever. Please help.
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  1. you have plugged your monitor into the gfx card output , right?
  2. You have a PCI-Express slot, right?
    Did you disable onboard video in the bios?
    Tell us about your power supply.
  3. I changed the PSU to 450 WATT so its definitely not the PSU. I only have the 5450 because it came with a computer I recently bought but changed that computer's card so I wanted to use it to upgrade my old comp. Yeah I have aPCI-Express slot it fits perfectly it won't have any display tho. When I throw in my old card it works.
  4. Bad card and don't get cards that are 2.1 spec for machines that are 1.0 only.
  5. Did you plug the PCI-E card into the PSU?

    Most higher end cards require additional power from the PSU, thus new PSUs have at least 1 6 pin PCI-e connector. Some even more, and some even have 8-pin PCI-e connectors, where 2 can be used to moed out of the way.

    As your PSU is 400W, it MAY not have a PCI-e connector.
  6. I'm running a 5570 on a coolermaster 350 psu. Make sure you disable the onboard video in the bios and a 5450 does NOT require the pci-e connector. You just might have a bad video card. And with a 450 psu and that rig you can upgrade to a 5670 .
  7. stillerfan15 is right!

    Disable onboard video, or switch it to PCI-E, in the BIOS.
  8. Pretty dumb of me but when I try and disable the onboard video in BIOS. Can't find the menu where to disable it :sarcastic: .
  9. no, not all motherboards with on board video have the option to disable it. They generally just auto detect that there is another card present and turn onboard off. I have done many upgrades like this recently on intel systems and never had to disable onboard.
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