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Hey guys. With the new expansion for wow coming out, i really want to be able to max out my settings and play with at lest 60 fps. Currently i have to play with my settings at "fair" and i still only get around 30 fps. Not only that, but i get plagued with "Error 132s". About 4 a day and now that everyone is going to be playing again and there will be queues to get on my realm...i really dont wanan deal with it anymore lol.
currently i have a Verto Geforce 9400GT i believe. I had a pretty nice card before that, i was able to play on max settings and got a new power supply to use that old videocard but it ended up frying...
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  1. So, how can we suggest you anything if we don't know about your system and budget?
  2. Budget is around...$150. system is vista? i have a gateway GT5464. Umm i bought 4 extra gigs of ram before. I dont know what other info you need because im pretty clueless with computers. I just want to know what a good videocard is thats around 150 and wont give me those stupid crashes. thats the biggest priority really
  3. Does your gateway accept normal pcie card (dual slot)?
    I assume you only has 250W-300W PSU, you can get GT240 or HD5670 just for around $80-$100. Those cards are faster than 9400GT.
  4. I think. I know my power supply is more than what my computer came with because i had to get a good one for the original graphics card i got. It may be around 400w?
  5. The best thing for you would be to take a look inside the case, and read the sticker on the side of the power supply. It will give its Watt output, but more important will tell us how many 12V rails it has and what Amps it supplies. Look for something like 12V1 - 20A or something like that.
  6. HIS Radeon HD 4670 iSilence4 1GB, assuming you have a 400 watt powersupply
  7. With my specks at true max settings (you can set them in config.wtf or use a mod like wowtweak) i get 30fps in org still

    my system
    | Intel i7 950 @ 4.0Ghz | 3x2Gb DDR3 1683Mhz CAS 6 | EVGA Nvidia 580| Seagate Barracuda 1Tb |
    Crucial RealSSD C300 128Gb | Antec High Current Pro 1200W | Antec Twelve Hundred | ASUS Rampage III Formula|

    I put wow and the page file on the SSD to make sure everything loads fast, but even so in the bizzy capital cities getting 60fps is not really possible.
  8. blahbot90 said:
    HIS Radeon HD 4670 iSilence4 1GB, assuming you have a 400 watt powersupply

    Yes, that's a good choice if that's true. If you could make your budget stretch to a 5670 that would be a very good buy too.
  9. Thanks guys for your replies:)
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