Bios Update, Keyboard no longer works.


I recently updated flashed my bios for gigabyte model motherboard GA-MA770T-UD3P. The utility said the flash was successful, etc. I restarted the computer and successfully booted into Windows. But, mouse and keyboard did not work.

So I tried using a PS/2 adapter for my usb keyboard, but that was not detected either.

The keyboard does not work when booting, and I cannot use it to get into the bios. I tried resetting the CMOS, but I cannot change the bios settings to default, because my keyboard does not work to choose that option.

Any ideas?

I was thinking that perhaps I should try to get an actual PS/2 keyboard, although not sure if that'd do anything. I'm unsure if my cd-rom drive still works, but I might be able to flash it again using the cd rom drive.
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  1. Weird! that board has a dual bios which kinda makes it dummy proof if you screw up.
    Which mobo revision and OS do you have?
  2. I have a Gigabyte GA MA770DS3 AM2+ board, when first installing it the BIOS did not recognize a USB keyboard by default so I had to dig out an old PS2 one I had lying around, then enter BIOS and activate USB. I was a little stumped for a while!
  3. I have the 1.0 revision, updating to the F10 version. Windows 7, 64 bit.
  4. Try unplugging/replugging your keyboard into the USB port while comp. is on. Also, use the rear mobo ports, in case you're using front ports.
  5. Well, I got it to work by plugging in a PS/2 keyboard. It's odd that the adapter didn't work. I was able to get into the BIOS and reset to defaults. Now everything works. Letting everyone else know just in case people have a similar problem.
  6. I have your problem with my Gigabyte EP45-UD3L but can press Delete to inter Setup.
    Enable (USB keyboard function) and (USB mouse function) in the (integrated peripherals) in setup to can use usb keyboard.

    I update BIOS to install windows with usb.
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