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I am trying to set up my Asus P6T deluxe with a Radeon 4550 and a GTX 470. I want to use the ATI card for display and the Nvidia card for cuda stuff. I can't see anything when I connect the ATI card to my monitor.
The only place the Nvidia card fits is in the PCI-E x16 first slot. I tried fitting the ATI card in the second and third slot and it didn't help. I also tried changing the PCIE configuration in the BIOS from AUTO to 16,16,1 and that didn't help.
Another strange thing is that I can't see anything via DVI... I can only see when I connect to the monitor's VGA input. This is true for the current setup and also when I connected only the ATI card. I tried it with 2 different monitors and 2 different DVI cables.

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  1. Why don't you take the Radeon 4550 out of your machine and just use the GTX 470 which is more than capable of handling display and shader processing?

    That kind of configuration would never work anyway! You'd need a Lucid Hydra chip or an ugly driver hack.
  2. I want to do this because I need to debug CUDA code on the NVIDIA GPU. The documentation says that you can't use a debugger on a GPU running X-windows.
  3. All I know is that ATI and Nvidia cards don't like to work together in the same system. Driver conflicts etc. Your best option is to buy a cheap Nvidia card and go from there.
  4. You need to hunt down on your own time a patch that disables Nvidia's dirty little trick that disables ATI cards on start up. Just look around that is how people are running cuda and physx on hybrid systems.
  5. Actually, I am having problems long before the drivers stage. When I connect both cards I can't even see the output which is printed before the OS starts.
  6. OK try using a single card and it sounds like a unusual hardware issue. You should get an image regardless which card is hooked up to a monitor. I have done this my self and this isn't normal.
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