How good Core 2 Quad or Core 2 Extreme is?

Ok, now I have enough budget to buy a powerfull processor for gaming. My 1st processor was Pentium 4 3.0Ghz overclocked to 3.25Ghz. Before I upgrade my processor, I do a research which processor is worth to buy. I take a look at Core 2 Duo and Pentium Dual Core. Both of them are good processor but I want to make a big upgrade for my motherboard socket, 775. I ask everyone what processor good to use, then they recommend a quad core. I dont know what quad core is, but they said quad core is extremely powerfull technology, like Core 2 Quad and Core 2 Extreme.

My motherboard support quad core technology like Core 2 Quad/Extreme. Lol, I cancaled my plan to get the C2D and P. Dual Core, and begins to accumulate a little money. Now my budget is enough to buy those processor. So, how good these processor? I want answer from experience people, who have been use these processor, and please don't just make a guess. And, if you are given a score from 1 - 10 which 10 is the best, what score you'll give to these processor?

Besides, what is the "strongest" graphic card these processor can handle so it wont bottlenecked each other?
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  1. S775 is now 3 generations old? The fastest of the C2Qs (9550) can still hang close on many benchmarks compared to the new Core series. If the newest core series is the "10", and the older ones are an "8", then the S775 C2Qs are probably around a 6 or so.

    If its the best you can get with the $$$ you have, then get it. You'd have to spend way to much to upgrade to the newest core series so don't worry about it.
  2. With a band new 2600K as a 10 (at stock clocks) and the original Phenom 9100 as a 1 (lowest ranked quad core and you know it deserves it) I'd give a stock clocked Q6400 a 4, a Q8400 a 5, and the Q9650 a 6. Those CPUs of course look alot better when you overclock them, especially the Q9550 and 9650. The Q9450 was pretty popular for overclocking since it had all it's cache, unlike the Q9400, but good luck finding one now, especially still new in the box.
  3. Yeah. The Q9450 is a good CPU. I got mine OC'ed to 3.0GHz which is good enough for me until I decide to upgrade my current PC.

    That little baby will go into my HTPC when I decide to either upgrade to Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge.
  4. How about Core 2 Quad Q8300? I'm thinking getting this processor. Which one is faster, the Core 2 Quad Q8300 or i3 550? or Core 2 Extreme QX9650 vs. i3 550?

    But, newer does not mean faster than the older right? Isn't quad core technology better?
  5. Quad core is better in certain situations. the i3 is clocked faster than a q8300.
  6. The Core 2 Extreme seems to be a lot better. But the price still very expensive. But i think I buy the C2Q Q8300, then oc it. lol.
  7. The extremes aren't worth it. Sure they have the unlocked multiplier, but the normal chips OC so well its not really needed. Most boards can hit 400MHz or better, so its pretty easy to add a gig or more. I wouldn't bother buying the unlocked Core 2 chips.
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