CD Rom Drive is not visible in My Computer, and is not playing CDs/DVDs

I have developed this issue with my computer. Both of my CD Rom drives, one of which is a CD/DVD Writer, no longer appear in the list of drives with removable storage. In Device Manager, they both have yellow exclamation points, which are explained as "Code 19".

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drives, updating software (Was told my software was up to date), uninstalling, restarting computer, and reinstalling, but all have the same effect: Nothing.

I found a site telling me to edit the registry, but I'm not certain about that, whether I should or not. I need my drives, so is there anyone out there who can give me an idea how to handle this?

I'd really appreciate an answer...Thanks!
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  1. In the device manager expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. Right click on each of them and Properties/advanced make sure the transfer mode for each is on DMA not on PIO and also on auto detection.

    If this doesn't help uninstall them, power off, disconnect them, power on again. Power off, connect one of them again. See if it works. Always check the transfer mode in the device manager, it should be on DMA.
  2. Hi

    Assuming this is a software problem then I suspect this is caused by uninstalling software which can write to optical drives, as it may have broken 'upper filter drivers' or 'lower filter drivers' in registry

    Microsoft has a fixit program to repair the registry.

    If you can bootup your PC on a Windows CD or DVD then it is not a hardware problem

    Mike Barnes
  3. I found a page suggesting that the "upper and lower filters" might be the issue with these drives, and recommends manually deleting these from the registry, then rebooting and reinstalling the drives. I am concerned about trying to edit the registry...Lots of problems can be caused there.

    My computer is a Media Center computer...I have many different types of software for making movies, music discs and all sorts of things, but I haven't uninstalled anything. The only thing I did do was update and run my Malwarebytes and Spybot programs, since I hadn't run them in a while, and there were three things detected and removed in my system. Whether that was the cause of the corruption, or not, I don't know. I also don't know whether my drives were working up to that point, because I hadn't used them in a while.
  4. Hi

    I think this is the link to microsoft fixit
    It saves you having to edit the registry yourself

    Mike Barnes
  5. I ran Microsoft Fixit...It gave me a list of problems that I had, that I already knew I had, and did not fix it. I don't know what else to do. I can't get the thing to see the drives, period, although a while back, the F drive (one of my two drives) did show up in my computer briefly, with a red question mark.

    Is there a possibility that, in the process of deleting the infected items, that malwarebytes might have corrupted my drivers?
  6. Another interesting point here is that earlier today, I ran a System Restore, back to a time when I KNOW the drives were working and visible, and that should have, in theory, undone any changes to the registry. But the same problem exists as before. I am baffled.
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