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We are interested in purchasing a streaming video box which only has HDMI output. We currently have a setup with a laptop connected to our TV via the standard VGA (computer monitor) output. Can we connect an HDMI-to-VGA converter so we can plug into the same input we have in our TV now? Will we see any drop off in quality going this way? Would the quality going VGA-to-VGA be better?
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  1. It looks like it may be hard to find an actual HDMI to VGA convertor. Companies are saying HDMI / DVI to VGA convertors are available but they only seem to work with a DVI port. I think that you will certainly lose quality. Those devices really require a TV with HDMI connectors available.
  2. HDMI - Digital aka 1010101 kinda like what your computer understands
    VGA - Analog aka signal goes up down up down and whatever you're using understands and read data from the oscillations

    Two different ways to read signal, and the only thing I can think of which MIGHT work would be to use HDMI to DVI, then DVI to VGA. I have no idea what that does to your signal, but I know that a HDMI to VGA cable absolutely sucks and doesn't actually work.

    Are you sure your box only has HDMI? It might have component, most boxes have HDMI and Component, and I'd recommend you check out if it does.
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