GTX 470 sli - GTX 480 sli or single GTX 580 ?


I have HD 5870 water cooled not happy with performance or drives..
so decided to go with nvidia but not sure what's the best upgrade for me is it GTX 470 sli - GTX 480 sli or single GTX 580 ?

Tell me what you think.

I have :

I7 930 Do @ 4mhz
Ocz ddr3 ram 6gb
Rampage II extreme mobo
Thermaltake toughpower 1000W

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  1. For best performance go with SLI GTX 480s, but I'd rather go with a single GTX 580 because it's just a better card than a GTX 480.... faster, cooler and quieter.
  2. I'd go Sli 480 also.

    The performance is only about 10% difference between a single 480 and 580 but the price in the UK between them doesn't justify the performance gain in my opinion.

    But, im very happy with my 470's in SLI, nothing i play stops these puppies from performing near damn as flawless as your gonna get at the highest settings..
  3. 470 sli... the price boost to 480's is hard to justify mo when they aren't really strained by anythign today unless you have crazy high res monitors and multiples of them sli 470's could last you i'd say 3-4 years at high settings in games possibly longer due to console ports and the next consoles will likely be dx11.. and sli'd 470's will be faster than what they's put in consoles then
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