BIOSTAR TA785G3 HD hangs at system start / keyboard input problems

With the Mainboard TA785G3 HD I have the following problem:

- At startup it hangs at “Checking NVRAM..” or “Hardware Monitor”-Screen with a continuous system beep.
- Keyboard Input is mostly not accepted. This occurs especially entering BIOS (which to enter mostly works), At BIOS-setting ‘Enter’ and ‘+’ / ‘-‘ – keys are mostly not accepted and other keys (moving through the menu) do not react or react extremely slow (+10 seconds).
- I wasn’t able to install a system.
- Every 25th try or so configuring BIOS-settings works, but at restart it hangs again.

I did reset CMOS already – does not help.

Systems components:
- AMD Athlon II X2 220 AM3 2x2,8GHz Tray 65Watt
- Coolermaster Cooler 939/AM2/AM3 PWM retail
- DDR3 PC1333 VMAX 2048MB PC-10600 1333MHz CL9
- 400W OEM Retail 24pin 80x80mm retail – power supply
- PS2-keyboard - double checked, ok
- PS2-mouse – double checked, ok
- CRT-display, connected via VGA – double checked, ok

The vendor already changed the MB once, therefore I am confused if it's the MB itself in general or within this configuration.
It might be the RAM or the CPU or the power supply?
On the other hand Memtest did run 90 minutes at showed RAM ok.

I appreciate any suggestions, help, hint...
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  1. try with single mem stick, alternating them in first slot only.....

    Perhaps PSU could also be weak.....

    Double check that your mb's hardware version (Rev 1.0, 2.0, etc.) supports the cpu you are using.....
  2. I do have only one mem stick.

    PSU should do with 400 Watt - says vendor - and I guess it should as the system in total has no additional equipment/components connected (yet) other then the above mentioned. But anyway, what if the PSU malfunctions and gives unsufficent power? How to check that?

    Motherboards hardware version is VER 5.0 and supports used CPU according to Biostars mainboards support website.
  3. The solution is very basic:

    I had to change the ram to another (similarly priced, same specs, but _other Brand_!) and it works just fine. Taking in account what is said on other boards as well, there seem to me some odd incompatibility issues of some Biostar-MBs with some brands of RAM.

    Thanks for your advice.

    --- TASK SOLVED! ---
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