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Hey, I am looking for a mid tower case, that has enough room to hold Dual evga gtx 560ti's, and a cooler master v8 cpu cooler. I am a bit on a budget, at most I would pay 150 dollars.

Ill be running:
sabertooth x58 with lga1366 core i7 960
850w psu
6gb of i7 dominator ram
2x western digital 500 gb hdd

Any recommendations would be fantastic.

Thank you.
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  1. Antec DF-series is a good bet. The DF-30 will hold your components with ease, so I'd recommend it with a smile. I have one myself, and I can hold true to that. It's not too big externally, but it has a surprisingly large space inside. The HDD bays are accessible from the front, so installing/removing HDD's is a breeze, specially with huge GFX card setups (like a dual-GTX560 setup).

    Really good case, good cooling and very nice looks. If you don't appeal to the blue/black theme, look at the DF-35. It's the same case, but with a black finish and white LED's instead of blue ones in the fans.
  2. You have many options -

    Cooler Master Storm Sniper

    Cooler Master HAF 922

    Lancool PC K-62

    And my recommendation -

    Antec 1200 V3
  3. Emperus - correct me if I'm wrong (really, do), but isn't the 1200 a full tower case? Awesome as it is (I know, I wanted to buy one but was short on cash), it's a bit big... :)
  4. You are correct Toxxyc.. The Antec 1200 is surely a full tower case.. And that's the reason i've mentioned it separately and not grouped it with the other mid towers that I have suggested.. Its a good case for an awesome price and since it fits inside OP's budget, I was compelled on mentioning it (in spite of OP clearly mentioning that he is looking for a mid tower)..
  5. Ah OK. I love Antec, and the 1200 V3 is a beauty of a box. I wantz one, but hey, stick with the cheapies if you don't have the $$ hey? :)
  6. The Antec 902 V3 is an update f the venerable 902 adding a CPU cutout, internal bottom-mounted 2.5" SSD drive bay and front USB 3.0 port.


    The DF-35 would be my choice over the DF-30 as it adds swap bays for storage devices.....but until it gets and update adding a front USB 3 port, I have dropped it off my build list.
  7. The HAF series and Lancool series are the ultimate "bang for your buck".
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