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Whats the best overclocking tool/utility for a PNY XLR8 GTX 460 1GB?

I was trying to find the best tool for OC of my new and first Nvidia card PNY GTX 460 XLR8 and any instructions on proper install of the utility. Any help getting the most out of my 460 with settings, utilites, or etc would be great! I just removed my ATI 5770 and replaced with PNY 460 GTX 1gb , but not real impressed with fps gain which about is 5 to 10 fps in most games. Anyway this card runs real cool and quiet the temp under load is less than 60c so I should be able to oc with no issue, right? Thanks again!
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    MSI afterburn is the best...allows you to adjust the voltage and fan profile. The fan profile will only work with the program open though. Up the card to 700/1400/1800 and check stability on stock voltage with kompbuster (included with afterburn). You can add more voltage and press it to 800/1600/2000, but it will get hot, so watch temps. Search out (google) "gtx 460 overclock" and you will get a.lot to read on the subject
  2. Boy have times changed, I remember how people would overclock in small steps like 5-10mhz then load up a quick game (real world load no fancy bench) then go for more. I like to make jumps though. I got a non reference GTX 460 and went cow boy and gunned for 800mhz the first round. Rock solid on stock volts right up passed 850 then after than bumping the volts adds a little but not much more.
  3. Do the MSI Afterburner. What CPU do you have? If you have a bottleneck that may be why you are not getting good fps.
  4. Afterburner - download, install by following the prompts, then use the sliders to overclock. You will want to "enable overclocking at startup" to automatically apply your overclock settings. You do not need to enable Afterburner at startup.
  5. I have a i7 860 and 8gb 1333 ddr3 so I doubt the bottleneck is a problem and I decided to exchange for PNY GTX 470 XLR8. Temps are much higher but performance is better. Also MSI Afterburner has fan profile , right? Thanks for info/help!
  6. Yes, it has a fan profile, but it will only run the fan profile if afterburn is open.
  7. Msi Afterburner is great got everything setup easily. Now with fan profile and slight OC temps top out about 80c and idle 50c. So I feel better about this purchase! Thanks for info/help!
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