PSU Dead? and NEW PSU suggestion?

less than 2 weeks did i brought this computer and today all of sudden after unplugging and replugging in to switch the graphic card, the PSU decided to stop working.

Still no sure what caused it but when i push the power button nothing happen. After a minute or two, the PSU start making squeezing sound(still nothing turning on) and also when i turn the power button (of the PSU) on and off it also make sounds. Lastly just have the cord on, produce heat.

MOBO: Gigabyte 870A-UD3
CPU: AMD 1100T
GPU: AMD Radeon 6850

PSU Want: 800+ Watt.

Budget: less than or equal to $110
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  1. You have not mentioned the make and model number of your current PSU.. Anyway, a good 500 watt model will suffice for your current build.. But since you have the budget and extra power will help with your future upgrades, consider this -
  2. You really do not need 800W PSU for a single 6850. It is also better to get a good quality PSU than a poor quality one with a bigger number on a sticker. Many poor quality PSUs can't even deliver advertized wattage, and even if they can, other characteristics like ripple are really poor.

    For a single 6850 this should be plenty
    For dual this would be nice

    I run GTX460 768 on Antec EarthWatts 500WD green and I have a headroom to spare.
  3. The only 850 I'd buy at that price is the Antec CP-850 but it only fits in 4 Antec cases.....DF-85, 1200, P193, P193

    The XFX Black Edition 850 is $130

    I would suggest the XFX Black Edition 750 model covering the chance that you will at some point add a 2nd GFX card ($110 after MIR)

    though I'm sure you could get away w/ any of these 650's
  4. ^+1 agree 100%.
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