Windows 7 is gone!

Hey guys got a weird one hear, booted my pc after not usung it for a day or two and it kept booting over and over again hmmmm so i opened it up unplugged the HD's and other crap still the same then removed a DDR3 ram stick and away it went.. SWEET!! plugged the HD's back in that all the other crap then came to find that my windows 7 install was gone!!! :o its had decided to go back to my xp install?!? and no sign of window7... any ideas?
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  1. HOw many hard drives are you using? Might want to check boot order in BIOS to ensure you are still booting from correct drive, perhaps you plugged the drives into different SATA ports.
  2. What's your setup? A drive can't "go back" to a different version of Windows...
  3. ill check the BIOS.. yeah its weird I have always believed once you install window 7 you couldnt go back to your xp install with out some crappy mod thingy
  4. nope wasnt the the boot order.. this bugs me its like windows 7 was never there, when i boot it creates a new profile for xp and away its goes i presume it makes it cause windows 7 would had removed some of those types of things
  5. haha okay after a little more of a search found the priority boot was swapped around
  6. ok so the we can close this topic ?
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