Upgrade RAM for hp laptop dv2000

Hi everybody,

My hp laptop dv2000 I bought 2 years ago with 1GB RAM, so I need to upgrade to 2GB.
So I will get from ebay the 2GB DDR2 PC4200 SODIMM PC2 533 MHz 2X 1GB LAPTOP MEMORY to replace the 2 x 512MB RAM,


Do you think they're compatible each other? Do you know any website or manual to help to put the new RAMs into the laptop?
Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'm not sure the hp laptop dv2000 dv2305TU get 533 MHz or 667 MHz RAM?
  2. U need ...
  3. U can use both 533 MHz/667 MHz RAM.
  4. because i'm not sure it's PC2 4200 or 5300. That's ok?
  5. please tell me how to replace the new RAM?
  6. thks so much
  7. henry81 said:
    because i'm not sure it's PC2 4200 or 5300. That's ok?

    Its both. Your laptop supports both.
  8. the original RAM is 2 X 512MB = 1GB
  9. henry81 said:
    the original RAM is 2 X 512MB = 1GB

    Yes, u need to remove it first, both RAM sticks.

    Than insert new one and done. Put it back together - done.

    Do not touch the RAM's bottom connector part with bare hands. Try to use rubber gloves.
  10. They are compatible henry81.
  11. thks nikorr
  12. You're Welcome.
  13. Hello guys,
    I got the 2x1GB 667MHz RAM as I said above but why when I did install them, I cannot start the computer? When I press the power button, there are 2 options (main idea as below):
    - 1. start window normally
    - 2. fix the computer (recommend).
    When I choose option1, the laptop restart but just go to the screen to choose the 2 options again. When I choose option 2, it checked the data but can not fix it, but I saw it got 2GB RAM on the screen.
    I did not know exactly what happened.

    Thank you.
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