Can i change the CPU in a toshiba satellite l500d windows 7

Can someone please help me, can you change the CPU card thing in a Toshiba satellite L500D laptop?
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  1. Currently which CPU do you have in it?
  2. I have a: AMD Turion(tm) II Dual-Core Mobile M520 2.3GHz
  3. what brand motherboard do you have
  4. where can i find that out?
  5. You might if you can find another CPU with the same socket. This is very hard to do on a laptop. Why do you need a new CPU to begin with?
  6. i am a gamer and i want to get black ops... and i am not sure if my CPU can run it, and the website system requirements lab said i need to upgrade my CPU to play it
  7. I have a question, but it is not for this topic.
    I also have toshiba satelite l500d-16k, and ati mobility radeon hd4650, can i switch it for other graphic card?
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