Critic my build

I will be building another computer much like my other, tell me what you think. It will be used mostly for gaming but not hardcore at all.

XFX Radeon HD5750 1GB -

Biostar TA770E -

AMD 'Regor' 240

Digimate L1731 (1280x1024@70Hz)


Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C (1TB) - Might get a second in future (or much like it) -

OCZ ModXStream Pro (500w) - (Dual +12V rails combined to 36A making 432W) -

PCL WS-01 mouse

Logitech keyboard (cheap)

OCZ 2GB (PC2-6400) @ Single-channel -

CiT 1008 Midi-ATX case -

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  1. Budget? UK, right?
  2. you've got some 'iffy' parts there i would change for sure...

    1st - need to know the budget, etc... pls fill this out:
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