Radeon 5770 gaming issues

Since yesterday I have noticed a significant decrease in the gaming performance of my 5770. In Starcraft II, I usually can play the game on ultra settings and I hit 60 fps on the menus and close to 50 fps in game. In WoW, I had nearly 60 fps on ultra consistently.

Yesterday WoW was patched, and the game got new zones and textures. I now get close to 20 fps on ultra in a crowded area and 50 fps in a non-crowded zone. I figured the change might be because of the increased graphics requirements, however I seem to get horrible choppiness everywhere, even when the game says I'm getting 50 fps.

I figured these problems were just exclusive to WoW. However, I opened Starcraft, and I had 30 fps on the menus and 20 fps in game with terrible and constant choppiness.

I don't understand what might have happened. I changed nothing related to graphics and it worked fine one day and terribly the next. I updated my graphics drivers, and there was no change. I uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers and still no change. AMD Overdrive shows the card running at its clocked speed.

This system was built maybe 2 weeks ago. Here are the specs:

AMD Phenom II x4 965
Sapphire Radeon HD 5770
Corsair 4gb DDR3 1333
Gigabyte GA-770T-USB3
Corsair 550w PSU

Any help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Just try the basics for now, reinstall graphic card drivers (update to latest). See if this helps.
    Check the temperature that you are getting when you gaming has not changed and got hotter?
  2. Great thats the only response, dude i got the same motherboard but with a 5870 and same problems i know my hardware well exceeds most games on the market but cant do it. please anyone HEEELP US!!!!
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