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I'm not sure if this is where this question belongs but I'm new here and didn't know where else to put it..

I'm going to be building a new PC but decided to wait to see what Bulldozer brings as I have to wait a few months before I'll have time to build so tossing up what keyboard and mouse to get in the meantime. Looking to play FPS and general use and pretty much thats it.. My absolute max for both would be $150 the lower the better. I like the look of the following:

Keyboard (I want a backlit one with Macro keys and low profile keys like a laptop):

- Microsoft Sidewinder X4 ($44)
- Logitech G1100 ($70)
- Thermaltake Challenger Pro ($85)
- Logitech G15 ($65)

Mouse (would like one with re-programmable buttons with more than one profile ie one for gaming one for general use):

- Coolermaster Inferno ($60)
- Logitech MX518 ($35)
- Logitech G500 ($50)

So far I'm leaning towards the X4 and Inferno ($104) (but the G500 does look like a solid device I just can't be sure if it has miltiple profiles :/)
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  1. I have a G110 and an X4 as well as a Lycosa.
    The G110 does not have laptop like keys and is the largest of the 3 dimensionally.
    The X4 does have laptop like keys but is a compact kb so some of the keys are quite small and the layout is different then a traditional kb.
    It's a nice board for the price but does take some time to get use to.
    The Lycosa's keys are most laptop like.
    I like all of them for different reasons.
    I have 3 mice the MX-518,Deathadder,and a MS Sidewinder X5.
    The MX-518 works like the day i bought 7 yrs ago.
    The Deathadder is alot like 518 performance wise.
    The Sidewinder is my least favourite but it was really cheap $25.
    It's decent but nothing special.
    The 518 is my favourite.
    Been eyeing up the CM Sentinel Advance for a while.
    It's garnered some very good reviews,has on the fly profile switching,and i've seen it under $40 many times.
  2. I have 3 518s and I love them forever. We are to be married in May.

    also, check this out:
  3. Stuck on a desert island forever with your PC, internet connection and infinite games of your choice, you can take only one keyboard and mouse, what's it gonna be?

    (hopefully you make my mind up for me)
  4. For FPS gaming (and also in general) the mouse becomes the critical component whereas the keyboard is, more often than not, a showpiece stuff.. So, get a good mouse first and then may be a flashy keyboard.. For a 150$ budget, my recommendations are -

    Logitech G510

    Logitech MX 518

    Alternative recommendation -

    Logitech G500

    Logitech G110
  5. One thing I will say is that I think the Logitech MX518 and G500 have the uggliest cases on them, if I could change them then it would make me a very happy man, but I think if I had to look at the MX518 every day I'd paint it a different colour... but thats personal preference everyone seems to love it.

    Any knowledge of the coolermaster inferno? I like the multiple profile option it has and it's only ten dollars more so whyyy not I'm thinking? The sidewinder x4 is probably the keyboard I'll go with it looks cheap and has good features, build quality and warranty. Just need to decide on the mouse!
  6. festerovic said:
    I have 3 518s and I love them forever. We are to be married in May.

    also, check this out:

    Lol! thanks festerovic everytime i look at the post it makes me laugh:)
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